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Tourist information for Burgundy

Burgundy, this central region of France, is known most famously for its wines but it is also a great touring area. The ancient Roman ruins are evidence of its long history, and the many Romanesque churches reflect its past as the most powerful region of France under the Dukes of Burgundy. Visit its beautiful regional park; sample some of the World's great wines on the routes des vins; walk or cycle along its canal paths; rent a barge and really get away from it all. The Burgundy scenery is peaceful and pastoral, with rolling hills, open fields and woods. There is plenty of easy walking on marked paths throughout the region. Because the hills are not too steep, this is ideal cycling country, but it can be hot in summer.

Activities in Burgundy:

Wine-tasting, cycling, walking in the Parc du Morvan, barges on the canals.

Special attractions in Burgundy:

Chateaux at Ancy-le-Franc and Tanlay; the Canals de Bourgogne and Nivernais; the Cistercian abbey in beautiful countryside at Fontenay; Parc du Marvon with nature trails, lakes, cycling and walking at all levels; the abbeys of Vezelay and Cluny; the Gallic capital of Bibracte.

Towns and places of interest in Burgundy:

Auxerre. Attractive old hillside town with riverside area, crypt and early frescoes.

Autun. Living history: Roman ruins, medieval walls and gothic cathedral.

Chablis. Famous for its white wine.

Chatillon. sur Seine Holds the Treasure of Vix, a superb Celtic find

Cluny. Remains of perhaps the most powerful abbey outside Rome and an attractive village. Near the Christian retreat centre of Taize

Dijon. Wealthy provincial city with attractive half-timbered houses in the compact centre. There is a good art museum, excellent restaurants and markets. Makes a good centre for exploring the Cote d'Or where some of the most famous (and expensive) wines are produced. Also famous for excellent mustard!

Macon. There is a lively riverside area and it is near the Roc de Solutre with its pre-historic finds and en route for the wine producing area of Beaujolais. The town also has its Maison des Vins.
Nevers. A pleasant small city worth visiting for its ducal palace, churches, old walls and open air summer concerts.
Noyers-sur-Serein. Beautifully preserved medieval town.

Pontigny. Cistercian abbey with historical links to England and a good place for tasting Chablis
Sens The northern gateway to the region. Its early gothic cathedral and surrounding streets and markets are worth a visit.

Tonnerre. A pretty enough town close to the chateaux of Tanlay and Ancy-le-Franc.

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