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Eurotunnel Le Shuttle information, timetables, booking, tickets from Drive-Alive.

Book Eurotunnel Le Shuttle direct for best prices on channel tunnel to France.

Eurotunnel Le Shuttle information, prices, timetables and tickets.

Using Eurotunnel Le Shuttle is so easy - just drive on and stay with your vehicle
in brightly-lit, air-conditioned carriages. You can walk around inside the shuttle and toilets are available, and visual display screens keep you informed about your journey. Staff are available to answer any questions. Customs are cleared before boarding so you drive straight off and away when you arrive. And there are some fantastic bargains on offer by booking direct.
eurotunnel route Tunnel Map
The shuttle runs four times an hour at peak periods. The platform to platform time is about 35 minutes and loading and unloading is quick and easy. As you drive down the M20 towards Folkestone and Dover the slip road to the terminal is clearly sign-posted. This is the quickest way to get your car to France, but, unless you like tunnels and trains, perhaps the least exciting. But you won't get seasick!

Minimum check-in time 30 minutes (1 hour when travelling with a pet), but there is a wide range of shops and restaurants at the terminals, so leave some time to take advantage of these.

eurotunnel car train through the channel tunnel
Off Peak Summer Rates: You will save about 20% off normal summer (May-September) rates if you travel Folkestone to Calais between 2.00pm and 6.00am, or Calais to Folkestone between midnight and 2.00pm. These discounts are automatically applied when you book Eurotunnel Le Shuttle online.