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Frequently Asked Questions about Booking Hotels in Europe.

Frequently asked Hotel Questions

Can I squeeze an extra person into a hotel room? What is the latest we can arrive at our hotel?
Do Drive-Alive hotels accept pets? Will there be tea and coffee making facilities in the room?

Can I squeeze an extra person into a hotel room, if they sleep on the floor?
No. The hotels are very strict about this. You must choose the exact room types to suit your party. Not even a small baby in its own cot can be accommodated as an extra person. In other words, 2 adults and a baby will NOT go in a double, but a double plus or triple. Please read the room type descriptions on the hotel page and make sure you include every party member.

Do the hotels accept pets?
Most do, although there is often a charge. We give you as much information as we can on each hotel's page.

What is the latest we can arrive at our hotel?
All hotel bookings are guaranteed no matter what time you arrive, so the hotel will always hold the room. However, many hotels no longer have night staff on duty, so in these cases we recommend you phone if you are likely to arrive after 10pm. The hotel will either give you an entry code or arrange for someone to let you in.

Will there be tea and coffee-making facilities in the room?
This are not a standard offering in European hotels, and most hotels in France do not offer it. If we know this facility is provided, we let you know, otherwise you should assume it is not, and be pleasantly surprised if it is!

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