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Aalst Tourist information:

Aalst is a town in Belgium situated about 20 km south east of Ghent. It is close to the A10/E40 motorway and is an excellent stopover destination. Its compact size means it is easy to see its sights.

If you can try and visit Aalst in February when it holds its famous carnival. The city elects a Carnival Prince and there is a parade. On Shrove Tuesday a strange tradition is enacted when the townsmen dress as women, followed by the burning of a doll.

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Things to see In Aalst

  • The famous St. Martin's Collegiate Church dates back to 1480. It contains a painting by Rubens.
  • Next to the Town Hall is a belfry which boasts a 52 bell carillon. This belfry, together with the adjacent Alderamns House is classified as a World Heritage Site.
  • Look out for the statue of Dirk Martens who lived from1446–1534 and was the first printer in the Netherlands.

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