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Hoverspeed Seacat
Hoverspeed Hovercraft no longer operate any cross-channel services.

(Seacat Dover to Calais, Superseacat Newhaven to Dieppe, Hovercraft Folkestone Boulogne and Dover Ostend routes are discontinued).

Hoverspeed Seacat
END OF SERVICE: Hoverspeed has discontinued the Dover - Calais route. The last sailing was on November 7th 2005. The Newhaven-Dieppe and Dover-Ostend have also been discontinued.

Check out the ferry company links for other options. We offer P&O Ferries and Sea France from Dover to Calais, Eurotunnel via the Channel Tunnel Shuttle from the Folkestone M20 terminal to Calais Coquelles, all at very competitive prices.

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