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NH Jolly Hotels from Drive-Alive.

Driving holidays in Europe for the independent motorist. Ferries, hotels, holiday homes, camping.

NH Jolly Hotels in Europe

NH Jolly Hotels offer holidays, short breaks, city breaks and stop-over hotels throughout Europe.

Jolly Hotel Genova Marina.NH Jolly Hotels are amongst the best in Europe. Jolly Hotels is the Italian part of the group while NH Hotels are found more in Northern Europe and Spain, both close to major roads and in City Centres. They are mainly quality 4 star hotels where you can be sure of a comfortable stay in quality surroundings.

Jolly Hotel Palermo

  • All prices per room.
  • Double room B&B from around 100 GBP per night up to well over 200 GBP.
  • 1 child under 16 free in parents' room.
  • Room types available for up to 3 people.
  • Hotels open 24 hours.
  • Your room is reserved no matter what time you arrive.
  • Parking facilities are usually free outside large towns.

Jolly Hotel Roma Villa Carpegna.

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