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Logis de France Hotels in France
Logis de France offers country hotels, short breaks, city breaks and stop-over roadside hotels throughout France.

Hotel de la Buffe, Autrans (Rhone). Logis de France Hotels: The hotels in this famous and old-established chain are all run by their owners, so they are varied in style and location, and tend to be traditional in style. They are found in towns, villages, on the coast and in the countryside. Logis de France grade their hotels with 1, 2 or 3 chimneys. 2 chimneys means a reasonably priced hotel offering good value clean and comfortable accommodation and the expectation of well-priced cuisine. 3 chimney Logis are nice, comfortable hotels with quality service and cuisine, still at affordable prices. Logis de France is proud of its reputation for good restaurants, and most hotels offer half-board, where there is a reduction for children's evening meals. Facilities and prices vary widely, but availability and costs are clearly shown during the booking process.
Htel Beau Rivage, Vivier-sur-Mer (Brittany)

  • Double room B&B from around €40 to €150 per night, depending on location and facilities.
  • All rooms en-suite.
  • Outside main towns, you often need a digicode or phone number to gain access after 10pm. This will be clearly stated on your booking confirmation.
  • Parking facilities are usually free outside large towns.

Splendid Hotel Relais du Bellay, Montreuil-Bellay (Pays de la Loire)

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