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Minotel Hotels in Europe.
Minotels offer long stay holiday hotels, short breaks, city breaks and stop-over hotels found throughout the world, but primarily in Europe and espcially Switzerland.

Minotel Hotels are independent hotels of character belonging to this Swiss hotel group. Swiss high standards are maintained throughout. Usually family run, in holiday areas and catering for the holiday trade, so book early. 1 child under 12 is free in the parents' room. They vary greatly in price and amenities, but are all to a high standard at their price, which varies from 60 GBP to over 200 GBP. Rooms tend to be a good size with a wide range of room types. Search your destination on our partner site and see if there's a Minotel where you are going.

  • 1 child under 12 free in parents' room.
  • Rooms for 3 adults and 1 child priced as triple.
  • Rooms for 2 adults and 2 children priced as triple.
  • Outside main towns, you often need a digicode to gain access after 10pm.
  • Parking facilities are usually free outside large towns.

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