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Eurocamp campsites in Elba:

Rosselba les Palme

Ville degli Ulivi

Just 10 km. from the mainland of Tuscany, Elba is the third largest Italian island. If you are travelling by car the ferry to Elba leaves from the mainland port of Piombino and takes between half an hour to an hour. In many ways Elba is Tuscany in miniature. There are the same distinctive Cypress trees, the olive groves, the old farmhouses, many now renovated and reborn as delightful holiday accommodation. The great culinary tradition of Tuscany is also evident on Elba, with many trattorias and ristorante serving delicious local fare.

Because of its small size it's very easy to explore the island and discover the hidden coves and inlets where crystal clear water invites swimming from the sandy beaches. Inland the landscape is surprisingly varied, from lush woods and fields to barren hillsides where the cactus thrives. Small fishing villages are found around the coast, where some great sea-food can be found, and inland the settlements cling to steep slopes, hinting at their past role in repelling pirates and invaders.

So if you're looking for something a little different check out the Eurocamp campsites for a camping holiday in Elba. Both campsites are situated right next to beaches, and they both offer superb swimming pools on site. Rosselba les Palme is the more lively of the two, very popular with Italians, while Ville degli Ulivi is rather more laid back, although with every amenity.

Flights are available to Pisa, where you can hire a car. Check out our car hire pages and see what great rates we offer. If you want the freedom of bringing your own car, to see hotels en route visit our route planner. It's possible to drive here from Calais with a single night's stop, but we'd recommend at least 2 nights en-route. Take your time and enjoy the journey. For details of all the ferry crossings click here.

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