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Motor Vehicle Breakdown and Travel Trip Insurance

Driving holidays in Europe for the independent motorist. Ferries, hotels, holiday homes, camping.

Insurance Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about Motor Vehicle Breakdown and Trip Travel Insurance

Do I need a Green Card or Bail Bond?
Green cards are not normally required these days. This is an extension to your car insurance, so that you are legally covered when driving abroad. However, you should contact your motor insurer and let them have details of your holiday plans. A Bail Bond is still advisable when in Spain, as Spanish police can confiscate your vehicle in the event of an accident. Contact your motor insurer for this.

Does my car insurance in the UK cover me when driving abroad?
Normally, yes. But see the question about Green Cards. Vehicle breakdown insurance is to help you sort out yourself and your car in the event of an accident or breakdown. It is like AA or RAC insurance in the UK. It is not the same as UK motor insurance, and you should always let your motor insurer know your travel plans to ensure you are legally covered for driving abroad.