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Michelin European National Maps
Michelin Regional Maps

Orange REGIONAL maps cover the main regions of a country, showing primary and secondary road networks (scale 1:140,000 to 1:2,400,000).


Offering more detail than the National maps, showing most roads, main tourist attractions, town plans and driving times. Ideal if you want to explore the real character of a region away from the main roads and motorways.

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Michelin Local Maps of France and Italy

Yellow LOCAL maps covering the whole of France and Italy for easy navigation by car.


Perfect for exploring the byways, they show all driveable roads and most tourist attractions. Very detailed, with new features to make them easy and enjoyable to use:

  • User friendly scale for easy location of places: 1:150,000 or 1:175,000
  • Map symbols explained by photographic images
  • A complete place name index for quick access to information
  • Town plans for finding your way around the suburbs and centres.

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Michelin Zoom Maps

Green ZOOM maps are easy to read and provide detailed mapping of towns and popular tourist areas (scale 1:53,000 to 1:160,000).


Featuring important tourist areas of France and Spain, they are designed for easy navigation.

The maps of the surroundings of Paris, Lyon and Madrid are intended to help you find your way through the motorway networks and by-passes around these cities.

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Michelin City Plans

Blue City Plans - For meetings, shopping trips or simply exploring, let Michelin City Plans show you the way.

Car parks, one-way streets, public transport and all the practical information you could ever need - from hospitals and service stations to entertainment and shops.

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Michelin Green Guides

Michelin Green Guides - the travel guides with in-depth travel information: sightseeing, scenic drives, activities & cultural information.

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I-Spy Books

I-Spy Books are back! Michelin have relaunched the I spy books. Great for all journeys and holidays.

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Battlefield Reproduction Maps

Michelin Battelfield Maps are reproductions of the maps from 1947. The maps were produced to show the sites and of second world war Normandy landings and other campaigns. They show the dates of major battles and the movements of different military units.

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