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Accidents with uninsured drivers.

Can your car insurance help in a claim against an uninsured driver?.

What to do if an uninsured driver crashes into you

Being hit by an uninsured driver is one of scenarios we’d all like not to ever have to be involved in; however should this happen; here’s what to do to ensure you have some comeback against these crooks.

Currently, there is hardly a huge deterrent in place; uninsured drivers face a fine and a driving ban, however the fines are not exactly going to dent most people’s finances too much; a £200 penalty and 6 points. Considering that insurance costs more than £200, this is hardly off putting.

The advice to follow is the same as any crash; get as much information as possible:

• The name and address of the offending driver
• The model and registration number of the car
• Damaged caused to both vehicles, and any public property
• Check any road signs/markings to see who has right of way/any road restrictions in place.
• Witnesses – if you are lucky enough to have an independent witness, ask for their full contact details
• Get photos of the damage to both cars, along with one of the other driver’s face, and of any passengers in their car.
• Call the police to obtain an accident report number.

The obvious downside to any collision with an uninsured driver is that you will struggle to make a claim; however some insurance providers are now offering “uninsured driver protection” which means you won’t lose your no claims discount, or your excess on your policy. Using price comparison sites can help you shop around to find providers who offer this protection.

If you have suffered personal injury, or your car has received substantial damage, the way forward to recover compensation is to either file a personal claim in the small claims court; for which you can claim up to £5,000, or make a claim through the Motor Insurance Bureau (MIB) who work with the Police and DVLA to compensate victims of uninsured/untraced drivers.

Please be aware though; any successful claim through the small claims court is means tested, which could result in the offending driver paying back a minimal amount over a long period of time; so you may not always come out with the full amount of compensation in one go.

There are some comforts for those of us who do have insurance; in 2011 it will become illegal to keep a car uninsured, unless it is declared off the road, and the penalties will be more severe for offenders.

Also, the Police will impound the offending vehicle at a cost; along with a daily storage charge until adequate insurance is taken out and proven to the Police, otherwise the car will be crushed.