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Petrol and diesel prices in Europe

Chart showing fuel costs, price of petrol and diesel abroad in euros

Fuel prices in Europe: the cost of petrol and diesel in Europe. All petrol and diesel prices in Euros at December 19th 2018

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This page was updated on December 19th 2018 and shows the price of petrol and diesel in Europe. We monitor fuel prices across Europe and update this page whenever prices have changed enough to make a worthwhile difference

When we updated this page in October prices for petrol and diesel in Europe had been fairly steady for weeks, showing a slight overall rise. Happily, and just in time for the Christmas holidays, prices have fallen almost everywhere. Differing taxation policies have made these changes erratic across the board, so check our chart carefully if you're moving across countries.

Austria has become one of the cheapest destinations for both petrol and diesel, handy if you're heading that way for a winter sports holiday.

The price difference between France and the UK for diesel is now small, but petrol is for a change cheaper in the UK, so if you drive on petrol try and fill up before you head abroad.. Remember that as in almost every country our prices are an average for supermarket prices. You will pay way more if you fill up on a motorway.

In the popular tourist destination of Spain prices are lower than here, especially for diesel, so it makes sense to wait to fill up until leaving the ferry in Spain.

Belgium, served by P&O Ferries from Hull to Zeebrugge, represents good value for both petrol and diesel. The Netherlands, with its ferry service between Harwich and the Hook of Holland and Hull and Rotterdam, offers savings over the UK only for diesel as petrol is among the most expensive in Europe. Petrol and diesel prices in The Republic of Ireland are cheaper than the UK, diesel significantly so.

If you are planning to visit Luxembourg, or passing through, then although prices have increased they are still competetive. Switzerland has raised prices for petrol and diesel by almost 10%, but it's still cheaper than Italy, if you're heading that way.

Petrol and Diesel prices in Euros at December 19th 2018
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Austria€ 1.13€ 1.13
Belgium€ 1.22€ 1.33
Denmark€ 1.34€ 1.26
France€ 1.39€ 1.39
Germany€ 1.29€ 1.19
Hungary€ 1.20€ 1.24
Ireland€ 1.27€ 1.26
Italy€ 1.55€ 1.45
Latvia€ 1.28€ 1.18
Luxembourg€ 1.28€ 1.38
Netherlands€ 1.49€ 1.28
Norway€ 1.62€ 1.58
Poland€ 1.14€ 1.19
Portugal€ 1.39€ 1.29
Slovakia€ 1.26€ 1.22
Slovenia€ 1.25€ 1.26
Spain€ 1.19€ 1.25
Sweden€ 1.32€ 1.39
Switzerland€ 1.24€ 1.26
UK€ 1.30€ 1.42


Remember that there are big variations in the cost of fuel within a country. Our chart shows prices that are not hard to find, but you can often do better, especially in supermarkets, and, just like in the UK, fuel is dearest on the motorways.  

To make comparisons easier this chart shows all petrol and diesel prices in Euros. But payment must be made in local currency for countries not using Euros. U.K. prices are also in Euros to help you compare.

The chart is updated about once every couple of months unless there a significant price changes. This update December 19th 2018. The data is collected from various sources, some from official government websites, some from fuel companies' sites, some from price comparison sites in the respective countries. and some from our own travels.

The prices for petrol and diesel relate to the average. When you first arrive in a country drive for a while before you fill up, so you can get an idea of the prices on offer.

Remember that just like in the UK fuel is usually dearest on motorways and cheapest in supermarkets. Supermarket petrol stations are mostly closed on Sundays, bank holidays and during the late evening and night, although most have automatic payment pumps.

Nowadays these mostly accept UK credit cards, but not always debit cards or pre-paid currency cards such as CaxtonFX. Keep your tank topped up outside working hours unless on motorways, where fuel is always available.